Managing Director of KYP



YH  Dato' Norhishamuddin bin Yaacob

Kolej Yayasan Pahang is a prominent college that emphasizes the aspects of academic development, character building, endurability and employability. The presence of KYP reflects the vibrant and competent atmosphere and performance of a distinguished academic institution in the Pahang state.

KYP is also working towards becoming a multi-ethnic and multi-national college with English as a medium of instruction. To become a reputable and respected institution with a quality higher education, Kolej Yayasan Pahang aims to become a University College by year 2017.    

With the current development, KYP keeps moving forward and has intensified its effort in educational field by offering important clusters demanded by the industries like Engineering, Industrial & Technology Management, Business and Islamic Studies, Creative Arts, Heritage & Tourism as well as Agro-biotechnology. In order to strengthen and enhance the academic quality, KYP collaborates with both local and international educational institutions like Brighton Education, International University Malaya-Wales, Salford University, Swinburne University, Yarmouk University, WISE University and Jordan University. Apart from bachelor and diploma levels, KYP also offers certificate courses namely Video/Film Production, Animation, Food & Beverage Service, Fashion, Culinary, Automotive, Computer System, Bakery and many others that are recognized by the National Department of Skills Development.

Other than that, KYP is also introducing value added programmes such as Smart Tahfiz, Entrepreneurship, English Enhancement Workshop as well as a program called World of Career (WoC). These initiatives are meant to produce not only knowledgeable graduates, but also those who possess excellent interpersonal skills, complemented with high moral and social values.

As suggested by the Ministry of Higher Education, there is a need for the higher educational institution to create links with industries and companies of relevant sectors. Having that in mind, KYP has established a new department that is Industrial Relations Department that consists of Career Placement & Industry Unit, Industrial Relations & Smart Partnership Unit and Research Management Unit. 

The objectives of this department are to plan and execute activities and programmes with the industries and companies of relevant sectors. These activities and programmes can lead KYP to achieve one of its missions which is to be a prominent industry-driven college that produces graduates who fulfil the current market demands. Apart from that, the collaboration provides advantages to both parties in various aspects, especially in terms of transfer of technology and knowledge sharing. Consequently, the end products can benefit and enrich the society. 


All in all, it is hoped that, Kolej Yayasan Pahang achieves its missions and most important of all, the college is able to contribute to the development of education at both local and international levels.