Arabic for Communication Course

The course is aimed to attract the beginners who are non-native Arabic speakers with interesting activities – based learning. This concept is designed to emphasize four main language skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing towards understanding the Arab culture.

Features Arabic for Communication
Level 1
Duration 10 weeks
Class Schedule 18 hours/weeks
20 persons (max)
  • Communication Skill
  • Writting Skill
  • Reading Skill
  • "Nahu & Sorf"
  • Islamic Arts & Arabic Culture
Outdoor Activities Arabic Camp / Arabic International Day


Throughout this Arabic for Communication Course, students are able to gain new experiences with these activities:

The Main Attraction

Lecturers of Arabic descent and experienced local
 - Participants are able to learn Arabic language from the native speakers of the language.
 - Lecturers with extensive experience in teaching Arabic language. Teaching and Learning Style
- Learning Arabic through the concept of cultural exposure.
 - Student-centered approach is utilized in every activity conducted inside and outside classroom. Conducive Classroom
 - The classroom is in the best condition, completed with teaching and learning facilities.
 - Helpful for better teaching and learning process. Arabic Camp
 - Participants can practice their Arabic language skills independently in Arab-like environment.