Diploma Programmes

Kolej Yayasan Pahang unique holistic approach combines relevant technical and practical skills with business know-how. Through our diploma programmes, students will be trained to solve real-life issues, be exposed to on-the-job experiences and be equipped with the basics in operating a profitable business - all of which will make them highly employable graduates.

Courses Offered:

Faculty of Business Management

 - Diploma in Marketing 
 - Diploma in Technology Management in collaboration with UTM 
 - Diploma in Executive Secretary  
 - Diploma in Accountancy

Faculty Creative Art, Heritage & Tourism

 - Diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design  
 - Diploma in Tourism Management 
 - Diploma in Journalism

Faculty of Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering in collaboration with UTM 
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with UTM 
Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Power) in collaboration with UTM

Faculty of Industrial & Technology Management

Diploma in Computer Science (Information Technology)

Faculty of Agro-Biotechnology 

Diploma in Plantation Industry

Academy of Islamic Studies & Arabic Language

- Diploma in Islamic Finance
- Diploma in Islamic Institution Management