Interview Preparation & Mock Interview

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On 3rd March 2018, Office of Industry Relation & Research Development in collaboration with Student Development Center (SDC) has conducted a Talk on Interview Preparation & Mock Interview Program that was held at KYP Residential College, Tanjung Lumpur.326 students that will undergo for industry training next semester participated in the program.

The program objective was to provide an optimum exposure to students on how to prepare themselves and to experience a real-life job interview.

Among the activities carried out on that day was a Talk Session by Pn. Hajjah Norkamariah Binti Othman (KYP HR Manager) about the preparation for a job interview. Various topics & useful tips regarding interview preparations were brought up by her   during the session. A short briefing on Career Pathway by Puan Norsazlina Binti Che Ghazali from Business Link and Commercialisation Department was held right after the first session. As for the closing for the morning session, the Vice President of Industry Relation & Research Development, Dr. Hafizan Binti Mat Som delivered a speech and presented a souvenir to Puan Hajjah Norkamariah as a gesture of appreciation; thus, marked the ending for the morning session. Meanwhile, a mock interview session was conducted by lecturers from the participating faculties and progressing smoothly with good cooperation from the students.

During this session, students get to experience attending an interview session and learn to improve themselves based on the inputs given by the interviewers. The program ended as planned at 5.00 p.m. and it is hoped that this program will help to prepare KYP students for the real-life job interview accordingly.

Briefing session

Career Pathway session with Puan Norsazlina Binti Che Ghazali, Manager of Business Link and Commercialisation Department

Guest Speakers, Dr. Hafizan Mat Som, Vice President of Industrial Relations and Research Development, along with Puan Hajah Norkamariah Othman, Manager of Human Resource Department


Mock Interview Session

Written by Ahmad Syahmi